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This looks pretty good! It is certainly more detailed looking than my game I'm working on. (Check it out, Pre-Orders are available) This could be an epic game if you get a team of a few people working on this with you, this is pretty good. Keep it up.

online or single player game?

Single player for now

ok thanks

Path of death 0.12 is out.

Update log :

-mp 5 now accessible without cheats

-car added

-bug fixed (flying zombie near building)

-m4 recoil ajusted

-ak 47 recoil totaly changed ( it only goes up now )

-spread of all weapons lowered

-pistol totaly nerfed

Please make a Windows version! Man, this looks pretty cool tbh, but: "Not available on Windows." So that's a bummer.

it is for windows 64 bit

It legit says not available on windows

I know that watter is bad i will try to fix it.